Our Philosophy

The practices of the Edward Street Preschool are based on this philosophical approach to children from three to five years which was developed through collaboration with children, families, teachers and educators.

We believe the child is an active learner with the right to engage in an environment that supports individual interest, equity, and respect for self and others.

We recognise the importance of maintaining an ongoing partnership with children, parents and staff through the exchange of information, feedback, reflection, participation and meaningful interactions.

We believe in the importance of independent thinking through the practice of choices, flexibility and encouraging opportunities for children to reflect and collaborate with peers, parents or teachers to realise their full potential.

Children achieve their full potential by participating in opportunities to:

  • Play
  • Collaborate and Co-operate
  • Explore
  • Observe and reflect
  • Think and Communicate
  • Create and Imagine
  • Model and imitate
  • Explore interest-based and developmentally appropriate experiences
  • Trial and error

We appreciate the value of small groups, malleable time frames and pleasing natural play spaces to facilitate interest based learning that will be enhanced and complicated to encourage challenging and evocative extended explorations.

We acknowledge the importance of inclusive practices that encourage the celebration of diversity and differences by facilitating opportunities to develop a positive self-image through success and affirmation.

We believe that the role of educators is to act as a mediator, nurturer and supporter of the child’s learning journey and to continuously create meaningful challenges in the kindergarten environment.

We acknowledge the validity of staff and support an on-going commitment to professional development and the importance of self-reflection.

We believe in an evolving image of the child will result in new insights that will encourage the continuous growth, development and extension of our philosophy.