3 Year Old Kindergarten Enrolment

Enrolment applications for children to attend the service from parent/guardians will be accepted as early as two years prior to the child’s attendance year.

In order to apply for an enrolment, parents/guardians are required submit a completed Enrolment Application form to the service directly. All applications must be accompanied with a copy of a Proof of Birth document and an enrolment application fee payment of $10.00. This fee is not refundable. Enrolment application forms can be collected directly from the service. Enrolment Applications are processed by the service and the enrolment details are recorded on the 3 Year Old Kindergarten Program Enrolment Register. The closing date for the enrolment applications is the end of Term 2, the year prior to the child’s attending year.

Children are eligible for attendance in the 3 Year Old Kindergarten program provided they have turned 3 years prior to commencement. Children who turn 3 years after the beginning of the preschool year will not be eligible to attend the program from the start of the preschool year. Full fee payment is required to ensure the child’s place is secured until they are eligible to attend. Attendance in the program will then commence on/after the child’s third birthday.

Places will be offered in order of date of application to children as listed in the 3 Year Old Kindergarten Program Enrolment Register, in accordance with the selection criteria of the service. When demand exceeds availability, a waiting list will be created, in order of applications as received on the Enrolment Register. In the event that vacancies become available, places will be offered to children on the waiting list in order as listed.

3 year old pre-enrolment application form: three year old preschool enrolment application form 2019_2020